SuperOptiMag superconducting magnet systems — SOM, SOM2 Series

The classic SuperOptiMag (SOM) systems provide optical access through the Dewar vacuum into the high field region of a split superconducting magnet. The SOM-2 Series have square or rectangular bottom sections with windows that are close to the sample.

Standard configuration

The standard configurations provide large solid angles and fit in laboratories with limited ceiling space. Magnetic fields of 5 to 7 T are standard, and up to 8 T fields can be achieved with an optional Lambda plate. Most systems are supplied with a horizontal magnetic field and optical access both along and perpendicular to the field. This allows investigation of the angular dependence of the magnetic interaction of a sample relative to the magnetic field. The SOM Series are supplied with cylindrical vacuum jackets and are better suited for systems that do not require larger solid angles or for UHV compatible systems as discussed below.

The SOM-2 system can also be supplied with a side-loading sample in vacuum configuration (see other configurations) that uses a separate continuous flow cryostat to operate from less than 2 K up to 325 K. This system is supplied with a translation stage that allows sample exchange without disturbing the magnet cryostat. It can also be supplied with an X-Y stage to allow precise positioning of the sample in the high field region, with optional re-entrant bore tubes with windows for microscopy studies at high magnetic fields. Please contact us for further information about these systems.

Vertical magnetic field systems are also available and they usually result in a larger sample space, while still offering optical access along two horizontal directions. The small size of the inner windows usually results in very little distortion to any polarized light that enters the sample region. For more critical applications, we also offer strain relief mounting for the vacuum-tight sealed windows in the sample chamber. Optional bottom optical access is available for all these systems.

The SOM-2 cryostats have typical static hold times of ~130 h and offer f numbers of 2.0 to 2.5 with a standard sample tube of 1.0 in diameter. The SOM2 systems are ideal for a variety of magneto-optical studies, including magnetic circular dichroism, FTIR spectroscopy, optically detected magnetic resonance, etc. Special systems are also available with larger sample chambers, field homogeneities of ±0.01% or better and larger cryostats are also available. Please contact us for more details.

Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

SuperOptiMag superconducting magnet

Standard SuperOptiMag systems specifications

Horizontal field modelMagnetic field strengthField homogeneitySample tube diameter
7THL-SOM2-107 T±0.5%1.00 in
7THL-SOM2-7-SR17 T±0.5%0.75 in
7/8THL-SOM2-1027 T/8 T±0.5%1.00 in
7/8THL-SOM2-7-SR1, 27 T/8 T±0.5%0.75 in
7THh-SOM2-d7 Th%0.75 in to 1.25 in
1Cold windows on strain relief (S/R) mounts
2Higher field achieved with Lambda refrigerator


Other configurations

Side-loading sample in vacuum configuration for SOM2 Series SuperOptiMag systems

SOM sideloading sample in vacuum