STVP-100-FTIR Cryostat for FTIR Spectroscopy

Optical continuous flow cryostats for FTIR applications. These cryostats are similar to our standard model STVP-100 cryostats, but with the modifications for integrating the cryostat with your spectrometer system.

Standard configuration

STVP-100-FTIR Mechanical Drawing

Similar in operation to the standard SuperTran-VP (STVP-100) cryostats, the STVP-100-FTIR includes a multiple position sample holder and a mounting flange to allow integration with a spectrometer. The sample is cooled by flowing vapor and is therefore an ideal choice for studying materials that are difficult to cool by conduction.

The mechanical drawing shows a standard STVP-100 sample positioner with coarse translation and rotation. If more precise translation and/or rotation is required, a linear manipulator may be mounted on the sample positioner for more accurate positioning. The drawing illustrates typical Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) windows, which may be altered to suit the specific application. The sample tube diameter may also be specified.

Standard STVP-100-FTIR features include:

  • Sample in flowing vapor
  • Multiple position sample holder
  • Adjustable position sample positioner allowing sample rotation and translation
  • Silicon diode temperature sensors on sample mount and vaporizer
  • Mounting flange to fit spectrometer
  • High-efficiency cryogen transfer line
  • Indium sealed, strain-relieved, cold windows
  • Liquid helium cooling

Options include:

  • Manually controlled precision linear and/or rotary manipulators
  • Remotely controlled linear manipulator and/or rotary stage
  • IR window materials, wedged or plane parallel
  • Range of sample tube sizes available
  • Liquid nitrogen cooling
  • Electrical access to the sample
  • A complete system solution including temperature controllers, pumping systems, and storage Dewars
  • Isothermal zone sample tube (provides uniform sample temperature and enhanced operation with LN2)
  • Base plate or mounting flange to interface with a customer-owned spectrometer

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STVP-100 FTIR cryostat

STVP-100-FTIR Specifications

Sample environmentLiquid or flowing vapor
Temperature range<2 to 300 K
Initial cooldown time15 min
Temperature stability (with controller)50 mK or less
OrientationVertical for <4.5 K
System weight (less transfer line)Approximately 15 lb
Cryogen consumption (cooldown)0.5 L LHe from 325 K to 4.2 K
Cryogen consumption (operation)1.1 L/h at 5 K with LHe
NOTE: Specifications do not include parasitic or experimental heat loads.


Optional configurations

Special Model STVP-100-2-FTIR


  • Manually controlled precision linear manipulator for vertical positioning of samples with 2 in travel
  • Drum dial indicator for rotation of sample positioner along the vertical axis
  • Indium sealed cold windows (PPN and ZnSe)
Special Model STVP-100-2-FTIR


STVP-100-FTIR with mounting flange designed for use in a Bomem FTIR spectrometer

This cryostat was designed for use in a Bomem FTIR spectrometer. It has ZnSe outer windows in one axis and polyethylene windows in the other axis. The user requested a precision sample positioner with a special compact three-position sample holder and a manual precision linear/rotary manipulator.STVP-100-FTIR Special ZnSe Polyethylene Windows STVP-100-FTIR Special Precision Sample Positioner STVP-100-FTIR for Bomem FTIR Spectrometer