ST-100-FTIR cryostat for Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy

The ST-100-FTIR cryostat is similar in operation to the standard SuperTran (ST-100) cryostats. To the basic design, we have added a multiple-position sample holder and precision linear manipulator, allowing a reference plus two samples to be loaded at any one time. Samples may also be rotated.

As with all Lake Shore cryostats, modifications may be made to the standard design in order to ensure a match with existing equipment. For example, the footprint of the cryostat may be reduced, or the number of sample positions increased.

ST-100-FTIR datasheet


Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

Standard configuration

Standard ST-100-FTIR features include:

  • Sample in vacuum
  • Multiple position sample holder
  • Linear manipulator with 2 in travel
  • Sample rotation with scale
  • Silicon diode temperature sensor
  • Mounting flange to fit spectrometer
  • High-efficiency cryogen transfer line
  • 1.63 in diameter clear view window ports
  • O-ring sealed windows for easy window change
  • Liquid helium or liquid nitrogen cooling

Options include:

  • Remotely controlled linear manipulator and/or rotary stage
  • IR window materials, wedged or plane parallel
  • Compact design for a reduced cryostat footprint
  • Electrical access to the sample
  • A complete system solution including temperature controllers, pumping systems, and storage Dewars
  • High-temperature operation

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ST-100-FTIR specifications

Sample environmentVacuum
Temperature range~2.5 K to 325 K (higher temperatures optional)
Initial cooldown time15 min to 10 K
Nominal temperature stability (with controller) 50 mK or less
OrientationAny position
System weight (without transfer line)~10 lb (4.6 kg)
Cryogen consumption on cooldown0.4 L LHe (325 K to 4.2 K)
Nominal cryogen consumption rate0.6 L/h LHe (5 K)
NOTE: Specifications do not include optical or experimental heat loads. Specifications may change depending on the length of the transfer line flexible section.

Optional configurations

Model ST-100-FTIR special with automated linear and rotary motion

ST-100-FTIR SPECIAL with automated linear and rotary motion

Model ST-100-FTIR special with automated linear and rotary motion (Thermo Nicolet)

Pictured is a model ST-100-FTIR configured for use in conjunction with a Thermo Nicolet Nexus 8700 FTIR spectrometer. The system uses a standard Nexus 8700 mounting plate, modified to match the cryostat vacuum shroud. Use of the standard Nexus mounting plate allows for easy integration of the cryostat and spectrometer. A specially configured two-piece, three-position sample holder is supplied with the system.ST-100-FTIR two-piece, three position sample holder ST-100-FTIR for Thermo Nicolet Nexus 8700 FTIR Spectrometer

ST-100-FTIR with custom flange

Pictured is an ST-100-FTIR with a linear manipulator and a welded mounting flange. The flange was built to the customer's specifications.ST-100-FTIR with custom flange

ST-100-FTIR with Bruker mounting flange

ST-100-FTIR with Bruker Mounting Flange

ST-100-FTIR for use in Bruker Vertex 80V spectrometer

The ST-100-FTIR shown is for use in a Bruker Vertex 80V spectrometer. The mounting flange for the spectrometer has two parts (one part not shown). The system has a motorized linear positioner installed along with a special 2-position DLTS sample holder.ST-100-FTIR for Bruker Vertex 80V Spectrometer