Room temperature bore systems

Room temperature bore cryostats are supplied with superconducting magnets for a variety of experiments to be conducted at room temperature.

Standard configuration

Separate variable temperature cryostats are supplied that fit into the magnet bore for operation between 1.5 K and 325 K (800 K optional). Magnetic fields up to 9 T (niobium-titanium) or up to 14 T (niobium-tin) upon special demand. A special compact system is also available for use in microscopy experiments. The system allows entry of the cryostat through the bottom of the room temperature bore with viewing through the top of the bore.

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Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

75KG-HRTB-1 5He-4 Hybrid superconducting magnet

Room temperature bore systems specifications

Sample environmentOperating temperatureMagnetic fieldOptical access
Atmospheric pressure
or vacuum/UHV
300 K6 to 14 TYes


Other configurations

Special hybrid Dewar for efficient operation with a superconducting magnet

Lake Shore offers a special hybrid nonmagnetic stainless steel cryocooler shielded liquid helium research Dewar for efficient operation with a superconducting magnet. The cryostat is supplied with three neck inserts. The first insert allows magnet charging and helium refilling with the leads in place. The second insert has a baffle assembly for the lowest heat load. The third insert will allow helium refilling with a baffle assembly in place. The system has a static loss rate of less than 5 mL of liquid helium per hour and an effective hold time of four months with the magnet in persistent mode. The cryostat offers a low profile and a horizontal room temperature bore with full access ports to the cold head and to the instrumentation wiring for easy maintenance and cold head replacement. Please contact us for more details. 75KG-HRTB-1 5He-4 Hybrid superconducting magnet