Applications | Nanoscale technology

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Working in nanoscale technology at low temperatures?

We offer systems that cover the entire low-temperature range you need in a variety of environments. They include magnetic fields, optical access, fiber optic cables, shielded high-frequency coaxial cables, and a variety of other customized options as dictated by your experimental requirements.

Is your need for temperatures up to 700 K or higher?

high temperature probe stationIf you are probing wafers and devices in high vacuum and cryogenic environments, check our vibration-isolated micromanipulated probe systems and fixed probe systems that operate up to 700 K or higher. These include options for using nanoscale translation stages that are built into the cryostat for the ultimate in precise measurements and temperature control.

Is your need for temperatures down to 4 K?

If you would like to avoid liquid cryogens, inquire about our low-vibration pulse tube refrigerated systems offering temperatures down to 4 K. These are offered with our own designed high conductive flexible copper links that practically eliminate any temperature gradients between the cold head and the experimental cold stage.

Is your need for temperatures down to 2.5 K?

ST-400 Ultra-High Vacuum SuperTran Cryostat ALT ST-500 microscopy SuperTran cryostatIf you require temperatures down to 2.5 K, we offer continuous flow systems (shown far left) that offer UHV clean environments and ultra-low loss transfer lines for operation at very low (nanoscale) vibration levels. If you require optical access, you can check our cryostats (shown near left) with ultra-low drift stages, ideal for use with laser scanning confocal microscopes.

Is your need for temperatures down to 1.5 K or 1 K?

If you need temperatures down to 1.5 or 1 K, check our variable temperature SVT and 1 K pot cryostats that can be used with AFM, SNOM, and other scanning probe microscopes. These are available in clean high-vacuum and UHV environments, with optical and magnetic field options. They are also available with ultra-low loss cryostats that offer boil-off rates of 4 to 5 L/day, including superconducting magnet support and high current leads.

Options for all of these systems include:

  • High-frequency coaxial cables installed
  • Fiber optical cables installed
  • Microwave resonator
  • Clear shot access
  • Cold stages to fit customer's SPM heads
  • Flexible custom engineering to fit special applications
  • Top-loading He-3 refrigerator with large sample space
  • Cryogen-free He-3 refrigerator
  • Superconducting magnet installed

Contact us for more details on how our systems can meet your requirements.