Mechanical Pumping Stations

Janis — a Lake Shore Company

RVP Pumping Stations

A small and economical pumping station, these pumps are suitable for evacuating small and medium-sized vacuum spaces to pressures of approximately 1 µm. RVP pumping stations are available with either a 7 CFM (model 7RVP, pictured) or a 10 CFM (model 10RVP) two-stage rotary vane pump, and are supplied with a 5 ft flexible stainless steel pumping line, an isolation valve, vent valve, and a compound pressure/vacuum gauge. Optional exhaust mist filters and foreline oil traps are also available to help keep your cryostat and working environment free of oil contamination.

7RVP pumping station

15RVP-1 Pumping Station

The 15RVP-1 pumping station includes a single-stage mechanical pump and is suitable for continuous pumping on a volume of liquid helium in order to access temperatures below 4.2 K. The pump has a base pressure of 10-2 Torr and a pumping speed of 15 cfm, and may be connected to a liquid helium reservoir, sample chamber, or lambda point refrigerator. The pumping station comes equipped with compound (-30 in, 0, 15 psi) and vacuum (0 to 125 mbar) pressure gauges, a manifold with isolation, vent, and relief valves, a 5 ft stainless steel flexible pumping line and a cart with casters.

BE-15 pumping  station

DDP Pumping Station

Similar to the RVP pumping stations, these units include a liquid nitrogen cooled cold trap to improve the base pressure of the pump, and a thermocouple pressure gauge with digital display. Like the RVP pumping stations, DDP pumps are available with either a 7 CFM (model 7DDP) or a 10 CFM (model 10DDP) two-stage rotary vane pump and come supplied with a 5 ft pumping line and an isolation valve. The DDP pumping stations are suitable for evacuating small to medium-sized vacuum spaces to pressures of less than 1 µm and may be used for pumping on accumulated helium in order to reduce sample temperatures.

7DDP pumping station