High vacuum pumping stations

Turbomolecular pumping stations provide a convenient means for evacuating laboratory cryostats and transfer lines to high vacuum levels (<10-6 Torr). Turbopump stations include a turbopump controller, roughing/backing pump, vacuum gauging, as well as a 5 ft long flexible pumping line, and valves. The turbopump module utilizes low maintenance ceramic bearings while the mechanical pump includes vibration absorbing mounting. The entire pumping system is mounted on casters for easy movement throughout the laboratory. Two standard configurations are described below. Custom configurations can include larger pump capacities, different gauging, and various inlet flanges.

Lake Shore — environment by JANIS


The TS-85-D includes the following features:

  • Turbopump with nominal 42 L/s capacity
  • 0.8 CFM dry diaphragm backing pump
  • Integral silencer built into the exhaust
  • All metal mounting frame with rubber feet and cutouts for easy handling
  • Wide range vacuum gauge (atmosphere to 10-8 Torr)
  • Controller with integral air cooler, digital display of turbo speed, and input for one vacuum gauge
  • 5 ft flexible stainless steel pumping line with NW-25 flanges and all fittings necessary for connection to a Lake Shore cryostat
  • Vacuum isolation valve
  • Total weight is 18 kg including the pumping line
TS-75-DR back TS-75-DR front