4 K Cryocoolers — Neutron Scattering

Both the Sumitomo SHI-4T series and SHI-950T series may be specialized for neutron scattering and diffraction applications.

Standard configuration

These systems are manufactured with an aluminum (or vanadium) neutron zone. The wall thickness is reduced in the neutron zone, thus minimizing the amount of absorbing material between the experimental sample and the neutron beam.

Options include:

  • Sample in vacuum or sample in exchange gas configurations
  • Free-standing designs and special mounting plates to interface with goniometers
  • Long tails for reaching into deep neutron wells
  • Large-diameter sample area to maximize the distance from the sample to the aluminum walls
  • 4 K shields on cold finger cryostats
  • Customized designs to fit the cryostat to existing space restrictions
  • Interchangeable tail-sets for maximum flexibility
  • High-temperature operation (800 K)

Other configurations

Special SHI-950T for neutron scattering with 4 K to 800 K temperature range

SHI-950-4 Neutron Scattering 4 K CCR

Model SHI-4T-800

Special Model SHI-4T with optional 800 K high-temperature stage. SHI-4T-800K 4 K CCR

Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

SHI-950 neutron diffraction 4 K CCR