10 K cryocoolers — ultra-high vacuum (UHV)

Lake Shore has a wide range of standard and custom designs available for UHV applications. This page shows our 10 K closed-cycle refrigerators designed for UHV.

  • Non-bakeable closed-cycle refrigerator system with conflat flange and UHV-compatible thermometry and wiring.
  • Closed-cycle refrigerator with a bakeable interface.

Non-bakeable closed-cycle refrigerator system with ConFlat flange and UHV-compatible thermometry and wiring

Closed-cycle refrigerator systems may be equipped with a ConFlat flange and UHV-compatible thermometry and wiring for installation on a customer chamber.

This configuration provides a convenient cooling method for high vacuum applications. Note that because the cold head is mounted directly onto the chamber it is not bakeable unless the displacer is removed.

The photograph to the right shows one of these systems installed on an x-y-z manipulator and rotation stage for precise manipulation of the sample location.

Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

CCS-UHV-204 Ultra High Vacuum 10 K CCR

CCS-UHV/204N with manipulator stages

CCS-UHV-204 Close-up Conflat Flange

Close-up of the CCS-UHV/204N ConFlat flange

Bakeable closed-cycle refrigerator

For those applications where baking is essential to achieve true-UHV conditions, Lake Shore offers a bakeable UHV interface with a removable cold head. This system employs exchange gas to connect the cold head thermally to the sample stage and is not directly mounted in the UHV chamber. If the cold head is mechanically supported using an independent mount, then the system is also suitable for applications where extremely low levels of vibrations are required.

The system is normally configured with a nominal 10 K cold head (for 12 K base temperature) and without the independent mechanical support. This UHV interface is also available configured for use with a 4 K cryocooler.