Search coils

Search coils

Search coil features

  • Inspection and research of magnets (narrow gaps or field gradients)
  • Calibration accuracy of 0.25% or 0.35%*
  • Offered in 100 cm2 and 30 cm2 area-turn configurations
  • Use with Model 480 fluxmeter only

*Model dependent; see technical specifications

These specialized hand-held search coil probes are optimized for measuring magnets fixed in an assembly or mounted in a narrow gap. They offer particular utility in applications where it is not possible or easy to use a conventional search coil. Instead of slipping a close-fitting coiled conductor around the magnet (as is typically the case with a search coil), the embedded coil of the 8-inch-long probe is placed directly next to the magnet for accurately measuring flux density with our Model 480 fluxmeter.

Two versions are available: the most commonly used 100 cm2 field probe as well as a 30 cm2 field probe that is useful for measurements in narrow gaps or where field gradients dictate the use of a smaller coil diameter.