GaAlAs sensor packages and mounting adapters

Packages and adapters for GaAlAs diodes allow the sensor to be soldered in place, screwed on, bolted down, inserted into a hole, or inserted through a pressure seal in the form of a thermowell. Gold-plated copper bobbins are available in order to heat sink leads. Appendix C: Sensor Packaging and Installation discusses techniques for correctly installing cryogenic temperature sensors. Special packaging is also available—consult Lake Shore for custom orders.

Additional information about Lake Shore sensors and packaging can be found in our Temperature Sensor Selection Guide.

Each sensor package or adapter has been rated for four attributes or characteristics. These ratings give a general idea of how a package will perform and aid in the early decision-making process but are not a substitute for detailed specifications.

GaAlAs packages
  • Spring-loaded clamp holds standard SD sensor in contact with the surface of the sample and allows the sensor to be easily changed or replaced
  • Extra clamps are available for frequent relocation of the sensor
  • 4-40 stainless steel screw has a formed shoulder, thus applying correct pressure to the clamp

Packaging material, leads, and lead material:See CX-SD package

Adapter material: Gold-plated copper (nickel strike); spring is ASTM A313 302 Austenitic steel

Mass: 1.8 g (including SD package and clamp)

Limitation: The useful upper temperature limit of this configuration is 500 K

  • SD packaged sensor indium-soldered into a flat copper bobbin with the leads thermally anchored to that same bobbin
  • HT (high temperature) version is soldered using high temperature (90% Pb, 10% Sn) solder
  • Can be mounted to any flat surface with a 4-40 or M3 screw

Packaging material: See CX-SD package

Adapter material: Gold-plated copper bobbin (SD indium-soldered to adapter and wrapped in Stycast® epoxy); high temperature CU uses high temperature (90% Pb,10% Sn) solder 500 K

Leads: Four 0.91 m (36 in), 36 AWG, color-coded Quad-Lead™ leads

Lead material: Phosphor bronze alloy

Mass: 1.1 g (including SD package and bobbin, excluding leads)

Limitation: The epoxy limits the upper useful temperature of this configuration to 420 K (high temperature CU-HT upper temperature limit with GaAlAs diodes is 500 K)

  • Small package designed primarily for bonding or clamping to a flat surface
  • Indium, silver epoxy, 2850 Stycast® epoxy, or a CO clamp may be used for mounting

Packaging material: Sapphire base with alumina body and lid.

Molybdenum/manganese metallization on base and lid top with nickel and gold plating. Gold tin solder as hermetic lid seal.

Leads: 2

Lead material:Welded platinum

Mass: 38 mg

Limitation: The useful upper temperature limit of this configuration is 500 K