Lake Shore collaborates with Oxford Instruments on measurement options

Lake Shore M81-SSM system to be standard transport measurement option for Oxford Instruments Teslatron systemLake Shore Cryotronics announced today that its innovative MeasureReady™ M81-SSM system will soon be available from U.K.-based Oxford Instruments as the standard transport measurement option for its Teslatron system.

The availability of this option is the result of a collaboration between Lake Shore and Oxford Instruments, with the two companies working together to develop an automated, ready-to-use measurement solution for the cryogen-free superconducting magnet system.

“We’re encouraged by this partnership and what this collaboration will mean to researchers wanting to simplify their experimental setups and expand their measurement capabilities,” said Dan Faia, Lake Shore Chief Revenue Officer. “Together, we’ve created a fully integrated solution that users can immediately benefit from in their lab for a wide range of transport measurement applications.” 

Featuring a unique, modular architecture, the M81-SSM synchronous source measure system provides highly synchronized DC, 100 kHz AC, and mixed DC + AC sourcing and measuring, including lock-in measurement capabilities, for precision, low-noise characterization of materials. The M81-SSM was developed specifically for low-level measurements typically performed at cryogenic temperatures in systems such as TeslatronPT. 

As part of this collaboration, both new and existing TeslatronPT owners can benefit from this measurement integration.

The TeslatronPT system provides top-loading access to a sample in a variable magnetic field or low-temperature environment. It has a large sample space, is compatible with low-temperature inserts (down to 25 mK), and is used in universities and research institutions across the world for low-temperature physics.

“We’re excited to be making the announcement today. Both companies have strong roadmaps in their respective areas,” said Stuart Woods, Managing Director of Oxford Instruments NanoScience. “The partnership and integration of Lake Shore’s leading modular measurement product with Teslatron meets our customer requirement for a pre-qualified, compact, easy-to-use electrical transport measurement solution.”

Also upcoming as the standard Hall effect measurement option for TeslatronPT: Lake Shore’s MeasureReady M91 FastHall™ controller, an all-in-one solution for fast, precise Hall effect analysis.