See a demo of our new synchronous source measure system at the MRS Fall exhibit
Lake Shore Cryotronics Exhibiting at MRS Fall 2021

Lake Shore Cryotronics will be at next week’s MRS Fall Exhibit in Boston, MA, showcasing a wide range of high-performance material characterization solutions, including the unique new MeasureReady™ M81-SSM Synchronous Source Measure System optimized for accurate, repeatable measurements.

The modular, multichannel system provides highly synchronized DC, 100 kHz AC, and mixed DC + AC sourcing and measuring — including both voltage and current lock-in measurement capabilities — for material research. It supports up to three remote-mountable source and three measure modules per a single M81-SSM-6 instrument and, owing to its modular architecture, allows signal and source amplifiers to be located as close as possible to the sample being characterized. This minimizes the signal wiring to the sample, reduces noise, and increases measurement sensitivity.

The amplifier modules also feature 100% linear circuitry and leverage the M81’s patent-pending MeasureSync™ real-time sampling technology, which ensures synchronous sourcing and measuring across all channels. Multiple samples can be characterized under simultaneous sampling conditions so users obtain consistent data. Also, by having both DC and AC sourcing and measurement in one instrument, the M81-SSM can often eliminate the need for mixed-instrument setups, greatly simplifying the setup and operation of complex characterization configurations.

During MRS Fall, Lake Shore will be demonstrating how the M81-SSM and its CM-10 current measure modules can be used in an experimental setup for measuring small photocurrents in cryogenic environments. In this setup, a diode is mounted on the sample insert of Lake Shore’s VNF-100 variable temperature cryostat. The diode is illuminated with a laser source, and a chopper wheel modulates the optical power delivered through the cryostat windows. The resulting photocurrent is detected with a CM-10 module configured for lock-in detection and mounted directly to the outside of the cryostat for the lowest noise performance. Similar setups can be used for external quantum efficiency (EQE) measurements of solar cell and photodetector devices.

Also on display will be the FastHall™ Station, a tabletop solution for rapid, convenient Hall analysis using the company’s patented FastHall measurement technology. In addition to a 1 T permanent magnet, high-precision sample holder, and PC with application software, the station includes Lake Shore’s MeasureReady M91 FastHall measurement controller, which delivers significantly higher levels of accuracy, speed, and convenience as compared to traditional Hall measurement solutions, especially when working with low-mobility materials — up to 100× faster in many cases.

In addition, Lake Shore representatives will also be answering questions about the company’s: