Attending IMS? Learn more about measuring S-parameters at 2 to 675 K temperatures

Lake Shore Cryotronics will discuss a new approach to performing S-parameter measurements at cryogenic temperatures, Wednesday, June 13, at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in Philadelphia.

The 11:30 a.m. MicroApps presentation will cover “Faster S-Parameter Measurements from Below 2 K to 675 K Using Automatic Fixture Removal (AFR).” Dr. David Daughton, Lake Shore Application Scientist, will detail how AFR can be used to rapidly de-embed, from helium to room temperature, the long coaxial transmission lines and microwave probes from a cryogenic, wafer-level prober. For many measurements, cryo-AFR eliminates manual movement of probes from the calibration substrate to the device under test (DUT) at every temperature and frees valuable cold-stage space for larger sample wafers.

This topic is relevant to researchers interested in using a Keysight Technologies PNA, for which the AFR is an option, in conjunction with a Lake Shore cryogenic probe station to measure S-parameters of test structures over a wide temperature range—measurements that are valuable to researchers developing next-generation THz detector, radio astronomy, and 5G wireless component technologies.

Lake Shore representatives will also be in Booth 1434 in the IMS exhibit hall to answer questions about the company’s probe stations, platforms that allow for non-destructive RF/microwave measurements of devices as a function of low temperature and field within a highly controlled environment.

Various probing configurations and options are available from Lake Shore, including 40- or 67-GHz GSG style RF/microwave probes optimized for probing at low temperatures and a cryogenic THz probe arm option designed for on-wafer probing of millimeter wave devices at 75 to 110 GHz and 140 to 220 GHz frequencies.

Also available: an affordable tabletop station ( Model TTPX) for probing on full and partial wafers up to 51 mm (2 in) in diameter. A demo version of this station will be set up in Lake Shore’s booth at IMS.