​In the spotlight at MRS Spring: Lake Shore probe stations, new current/voltage source
MRS Spring 2018

Lake Shore Cryotronics will highlight material characterization solutions, including highly versatile cryogenic probe stations and an innovative, new precision I/V current and voltage source, at next week’s MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit in Phoenix.

The company offers a full line of micro-manipulated cryogenic probe stations for on-wafer DC, RF, microwave, or THz frequency (75 GHz and up) measurements at temperatures as low as 1.6 K. Also available: cryogen-free CCR (closed-cycle refrigerator) models as well as versions equipped with a superconducting magnet or electromagnet for investigating magneto-transport parameters of materials and devices in fields to over 2 T.

On display at Booth 327 will be the affordable Lake Shore Model TTPX, an entry-level, liquid cryogen-cooled station capable of supporting a wide variety of non-destructive electrical device measurements.

MRS Spring attendees can also see a demo of the new 155 precision I/V source in the booth. The first product in the company’s new MeasureReady™ line of “built for science, designed for people” characterization solutions, it offers premium performance for material researchers requiring a precise, low-noise supply of current or voltage in the lab. The source operates as either a current or voltage source and provides DC and AC excitation. Exceptional DC noise levels are achieved without external filtering while maintaining bandwidth up to 100 kHz.

In addition, Vaden West, Lake Shore Regional Sales Manager, will be answering questions in the booth about:

Also at MRS Spring, Dr. Jeffrey Lindemuth, Lake Shore Senior Application Scientist, will conduct a poster session on “FastHall™: A High Speed Hall Measurement for Material Characterization,” during the Wednesday, 5 – 7 p.m. EP08.06 session (PCC North, 300 Level, Exhibit Hall C-E).