Learn more about the new Lake Shore high-sensitivity 8600 Series VSM at Intermag
Dublin Intermag 2017

Lake Shore Cryotronics will be at next week’s IEEE Intermag conference in Dublin, Ireland, to discuss their new high-performance, convenient-to-use 8600 Series VSM for magnetic material characterization. The series combines high sensitivity (33 nemu), rapid measurement speed (10 ms/pt), and simple operation in a system capable of accurately characterizing a broad range of materials with unprecedented ease at variable fields to 3.26 T.

Extremely fast data acquisition cycles enable researchers to perform more science in less time, particularly when studying low-moment materials (ultra-thin magnetic multilayers, nanoscale magnetic materials, dilute magnetic semiconductors, and paleomagnets). The VSM also executes first order reversal curve (FORC) measurements quickly, flying through complex FORC data collection sequences in a fraction of the time required on previous systems.

In Booth 11 at Intermag, Shane Hritz, International Sales Director for Lake Shore, and Dr. Ian Perry, Senior Sales Engineer for Elliot Scientific Ltd. (Lake Shore’s authorized sales representative in the U.K. and Ireland) will be on-hand to answer questions about the 8600 Series VSM as well as the company’s: 

  • 7400-S Series VSM, which combines sensitivity, precision electronics, flexible software, and variable field and temperature to provide a highly stable VSM capable of characterizing a broad range of materials.
  • Cryogenic probe stations with integrated in-plane and out-of-plane magnets for DC, RF, microwave, and THz-frequency probing of material samples in fields to more than 2 T and at temperatures below 4 K.
  • Precision gaussmeters, fluxmeters, Hall probes, and Helmholtz and search coils for magnetic test/Q environments, and R&D involving comparisons of magnetic fields and exploration of magnetic phenomena.