Lake Shore to discuss measurement solutions for low-temperature electronics at WOLTE
Lake Shore to discuss measurement solutions at WOLTE

Lake Shore Cryotronics will be discussing characterization and temperature measurement solutions for cryoelectronic applications at next week’s 12th International Workshop on Low Temperature Electronics (WOLTE-12) in Tempe, AZ.

Lake Shore material characterization products enable researchers to isolate defects in materials and, in some platforms, early-stage device structures as a function of temperature and high field. Evaluating fundamental electrical properties at cryogenic temperatures can assist in the development of faster, more efficient electronic devices. Platforms include:

The Model 8501 THz system, a fully integrated characterization system that uses THz-frequency energy and a high-field cryostat to measure spectroscopic responses of research-scale materials, such as ultrathin epilayers, bulk semiconductors, and buried thin films in pre-device stage heterostructures. Spectroscopic measurements obtained by the system can provide important insights during photovoltaic, organic electronic, and spin-based computing R&D.

Cryogenic probe stations for wafer-scale process verification and the measurement of properties for TMD and 2D material transistor, CNT device, and GaN device development. Also now available: a THz-frequency probe arm option for on-wafer probing of millimeter-wave devices at 75 GHz and up frequencies, enabling calibrated S-parameter measurements of MMIC, MEMS, LNA, THz detector, and superconducting circuit designs.

Hall effect measurement systems for determining the mobility and concentration of multiple carriers in III-V, II-VI, and elemental semiconductors, metal oxides, and complex oxide systems, and when using an AC field Hall option for characterizing low-mobility materials, particularly those in photovoltaic, thermoelectric, and organic electronic applications.

At WOLTE-12, Lake Shore will also be discussing temperature measurement products, such as:

  • Industry-leading Cernox™, platinum, silicon diode, germanium and ruthenium oxide sensors.
  • Temperature instruments, including the Model 372 AC resistance bridge/temperature controller for continuous cryogenic control in the sub-1 K range (when used with the appropriate sensor).
  • New 240 Series sensor input modules for convenient PLC-based temperature monitoring in large-scale physics and superconductivity research applications.