​Lake Shore to showcase cryogenic terahertz probing solution at EuCAP conference
​Lake Shore to showcase cryogenic terahertz probing solution at EuCAP

Lake Shore will be exhibiting a forthcoming terahertz (THz) frequency on-wafer cryogenic probing arm at next week’s 10th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP) in Davos, Switzerland.

The probe arm option, which will be introduced in the coming months, is designed for precise probing of millimeter-wave planar waveguides and devices at 75 GHz and higher frequencies in a Lake Shore cryogenic probe station. Used with compatible probes, VNA frequency extenders, and vector network or signal analyzers, the probe arm will enable calibrated S-parameter and other high-frequency electrical measurements to be performed as a function of low temperature and magnetic field. A demonstration unit of the arm will be on display in EuCAP Booth #36, where Lake Shore will be discussing how the arm’s measurements can benefit scientists developing new components, including LNAs and detectors operating at higher frequencies.

Lake Shore probe stations provide an ideal test environment and can currently be ordered with 40- or 67-GHz GSG microwave probes for characterizing devices such as MMICs, MEMS, or superconducting circuits.

Separate from probe station-based device measurements, Lake Shore offers material characterization platforms, including a fully integrated, continuous wave (CW) THz based system for non-contact characterization of research-scale materials. The 8500 Series system enables measurements at 200 GHz to 1.8 THz frequencies with spectral resolution of better than 500 MHz, and features a high-field cryostat and superconducting magnet for measuring material responses across a range of temperatures and field strengths. CW-THz spectroscopy can reveal properties that other techniques miss while offering particular potential for characterizing dielectric materials for intended use in high-frequency and waveguiding applications.

Also, for attendees in need of cryogenic thermometry for radio astronomy and satellite communication applications, Lake Shore will be available to discuss their industry-leading temperature measurement products, including the popular Cernox™ RTD sensors. These sensors have been proven very stable over repeated thermal cycling and under extended exposure to ionizing radiation and feature low magnetic field-induced errors.