Lake Shore exhibiting THz probing and new distributed sensor monitoring products at APS
Lake Shore exhibiting THz probing and sensor monitoring products at APS

At next week’s APS March Meeting in Baltimore, Lake Shore Cryotronics will be showcasing its latest solutions for material characterization and wafer probing at THz frequencies, as well as a brand new modular product line for monitoring cryogenic sensors widely distributed throughout “big physics” facilities.

The DIN rail-mountable 240 Series sensor input modules are easily networked to programmable logic controllers (PLCs) from Siemens, Rockwell Automation and others for convenient, reliable cryo temperature monitoring in industrial-scale accelerator, fusion reactor and other high-energy physics research applications.

For early-stage material and device R&D, Lake Shore offers high-performance, micro-manipulated cryogenic probe stations for on-wafer DC or RF/microwave measurements. Representatives will also be discussing a soon-to-be-released THz probe arm option for precise on-wafer contact probing of millimeter wave devices at THz frequencies (75 GHz and up). In Booth 701, the company will be demonstrating the interoperability of their TTPX probe station with a Keysight Technologies B1500A analyzer for automated variable-temperature characterization applications, as well as spotlighting other material characterization systems, including the:

  • 8500 Series THz system, which uses non-contact THz energy and a high-field cryostat to measure spectroscopic responses across a range of frequencies, temperatures, and field strengths.
  • New 7400-S Series vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) system, which offers fields to over 3.4 T and a 4.2 K to 1273 K temperature span for characterizing a wide range of magnetic materials.
  • 8400 Series Hall effect measurement system with an AC field Hall measurement option for characterizing materials with very low mobilities (down to 0.001 cm2/V s).

The company also provides industry-leading cryogenic thermometry products for physics research, including sensors, controllers and monitors. Lake Shore products enable scientists to obtain physical property measurements faster and with far less uncertainty when it is necessary to know responses as a function of temperature and magnetic field.