New 7400-S version VSM for higher field, enhanced performance available from Lake Shore
 Release of the 7400-S Series VSM

Lake Shore Cryotronics announced today the release of the 7400-S Series VSM (vibrating sample magnetometer) featuring higher electromagnet field strengths and other system enhancements.

Ideal for demanding magnetic material characterization applications, the 7400-S builds on the capabilities of the popular 7400 Series system for improved performance when measuring a broader number of sample materials. The workhorse system combines high sensitivity, precision electronics, and flexible application software with the ability to characterize temperature dependence of magnetic material properties over a wide 4.2 K to 1,273 K temperature range.

Now featuring an enhanced design, the VSM provides higher field strengths in all magnet sizes. The 10-inch (Model 7410-S) configuration offers 3.42 T strengths, while the smaller magnet versions offer fields previously only achievable by upgrading to a larger electromagnet—up to 3.05 T with the 7-inch (7407-S) system, and up to 2.63 T with the 4-inch (7404-S) version.

With its redesign, the VSM also offers faster field ramping, better field control, an updated controller with improved gaussmeter sensitivity, and new, quick swap detection coils with enhanced detection efficiency. Highly sensitive, the VSM features a noise floor as low as 1 × 10-7 emu at 10 s/pt sampling, and its technology ensures high stability, with a moment stability of 0.05% per day.

Additionally, the system now includes an upgraded PC/monitor workstation, from which users can execute measurements quickly using the software’s Windows® interface. Any number of parameters can be automatically extracted from hysteresis loop data when testing nanoparticles or other material samples in powder, solid, liquid, or thin film form. The system can also be used for first order reversal curve (FORC) data acquisition using a free downloadable utility from Lake Shore. The utility provides a convenient way for users to set up and run FORC measurements, and then converts the resulting data sets for use with popular FORC analysis packages like FORCinel and VARIFORC.

As with Lake Shore’s original 7400 Series system, the 7400-S can be ordered with a number of options. In addition to sample holders for measuring individual or bulk samples at room, cryogenic, and high temperatures, it can be specified with a single-stage variable temperature assembly, variable temperature cryostat for rapid cooling, high temperature oven, and a magnetoresistance probe, as well as vector coil and autorotation options for investigating magnetically-anisotropic materials.

Researchers interested in learning more about the VSM can visit Booth 8 at the 13th Joint MMM-Intermag conference exhibit, Jan. 11 – 15, in San Diego, where Lake Shore will be discussing the 7400-S along with the company’s MicroMag™ VSM/AGM systems, magnetic measurement instruments and other material characterization systems.