Lake Shore to attend users’ meetings at Argonne and Brookhaven National Labs

Lake Shore Cryotronics will be attending two user meetings over the coming weeks: the May 12–15 APS/CNM/EMC meeting at Argonne National Laboratory and the May 19–21 NSLS/CFN meeting at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

At each meeting, Lake Shore will be represented by Marshall Calhoun, Regional Sales Manager. He will be discussing:

  • Lake Shore’s range of temperature control and monitoring instruments, including the popular Model 336 cryogenic controller and the 12-channel Model 224 monitor.
  • Its industry-leading temperature sensors (Cernox™ thin-film RTD sensors and silicon diode, germanium, and ruthenium oxide sensors, as well as platinum RTDs).
  • Lake Shore’s new integrated terahertz (THz) materials characterization system for measuring spectroscopic responses across a range of frequencies, temperatures, and field strengths.
  • Probe stations for DC, RF, and microwave probing as a function of temperature and field.
  • Hall measurement systems for measuring Hall effect as a function of temperature and field.
  • VSMs and AGMs for characterizing the magnetic properties of materials over a range of temperatures and magnetic fields to 3.1 T.

Argonne National Lab near Chicago and Brookhaven National Lab in Upton, N.Y., are home to national user facilities where scientists from national laboratories, universities and private institutions conduct a number of experiments, including research into photons science, nanomaterials, and electron microscopy.

For more information, stop by Table 32 of the APS/CNM/EMC Argonne meeting and Table 24 of the NSLS/CFN Brookhaven meeting.