Lake Shore announces acquisition of Princeton Measurements Corporation and its MicroMag™ systems to advance the field of magnetics research
MicroMag magnetometer systems from PMC

Michael Swartz, CEO of Lake Shore Cryotronics, and Harry Reichard, president of Princeton Measurements Corporation (PMC), announce today that PMC is now part of Lake Shore. This acquisition brings together two leaders in magnetics expertise, joining the MicroMag™ magnetometer systems from PMC to the growing family of Lake Shore products for advanced materials research.

“Since 1989, Harry and the PMC team have pioneered in magnetics research with their Alternating Gradient Magnetometer and Vibrating Sample Magnetometer systems,” Swartz said. “We are pleased to announce that these high-performance systems will be part of the Lake Shore product line, complementing our own VSMs and related systems, and further broadening what we offer for our customers in materials characterization research.”

“We are excited to become part of Lake Shore,” Reichard said. "Over the years, Lake Shore and PMC have shared the same spirit of dedication to customers and innovation. Working together, we plan to advance this technology by developing next-generation system that will allow our research customers to conduct breakthrough research.”

Lake Shore will continue to sell the Lake Shore VSM line alongside the MicroMag™ AGM and VSM systems. Field support for existing and new PMC equipment will be provided through Lake Shore’s global service network.

“For PMC customers, this acquisition provides them with Lake Shore’s world-renowned sales and service and recognized technical expertise,” remarked Reichard.

Swartz foresees considerable leverage in the combined strengths of the two companies. From early beginnings in the cryogenics arena, Lake Shore has grown to become a leading provider of sensors, instruments, and systems that materials researchers increasingly rely upon for exploring and developing new magnetic, electronic, electro-optic, and related materials. “It’s a win for the magnetic research community,” he noted.

“It’s a new twist on what we’ve said all along,” Reichard affirmed. “Two heads are better than one!”

Together with Lake Shore, Reichard and PMC Vice President Anthony Cumbo will meet with key customers at the joint meeting of MMM and Intermag in Chicago January 14–18. They will discuss emerging applications with the materials scientists they both serve to help develop the product roadmap for innovations in magnetometry. Lake Shore will work to create next-generation technology that combines the speed and sensitivity of the AGM and the precision of the Lake Shore VSM.

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