Lake Shore looking forward to a magnetic experience at JEMS 2012!

When it comes to today’s latest developments in magnetics materials research, magnetics expert Dr. Cosmin Radu and Lake Shore Cryotronics will be sharing exciting new research at the Joint European Magnetics Symposium (JEMS) 2012, from September 9–12 at the Niccolo Paganini Auditorium & Congress Centre in Parma, Italy.

“We’re thrilled to exhibit at JEMS and to share our poster presentation on the latest structural and magnetic properties of (Fe,Co)SiBNb ribbons prepared by rapid solidification,” said Dr. Radu. The poster presentation will be held on Monday, September 10 in the “Soft magnetic materials and related applications” session. JEMS is the most comprehensive conference on magnetism in Europe, attracting scientists from all over Europe and the world.

Research for this poster presentation was performed by the Instituto Nazionale Di Ricerca Metrologica in Italy in conjunction with Lake Shore. FeSiB alloys are historically known to exhibit good soft magnetic properties and high saturation magnetization. This study found that increasing the Nb percentage in FeSiB alloys increased efficiency for power applications by reducing the power losses. The study also found that increasing the Co percentage increased the temperature to which the alloys could be heated without losing their magnetic properties.

In booth 9 at the JEMS trade show exhibition, Lake Shore will be featuring its comprehensive line of materials characterization systems and magnetic instruments and sensors. Materials characterization systems featured include vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) systems used to characterize the DC magnetic properties of materials as a function of magnetic field, temperature, and time, Hall effect measurement systems (HMS) for measuring electronic transport properties, and cryogenic probe stations with optional magnet-field configurations providing an environment for user-defined measurement applications.

Dr. Radu and his Lake Shore technical sales colleagues will be on hand at the exhibit and available to answer customer questions concerning Lake Shore systems, instruments, and sensor features, as well as applications questions.