Brad Dodrill to exhibit at Compound Semiconductor Week 2012

Lake Shore will exhibit at Compound Semiconductor Week 2012, held at the University of California at Santa-Barbara from August 27-30. Lake Shore senior scientist and VP of Sales, Brad Dodrill, will be available to answer questions about the new cryogen-free probe stations and the Model 8404 AC/DC Field Hall effect measurement system in booth #6 of the exhibit hall. CSW 2012 is the common venue for the 39th International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors and the 24th International Conference on Indium Phosphide and Related Materials.

At the exhibit, Brad Dodrill will be on hand to discuss the new Model 8404 AC/DC Hall effect measurement system (HMS), as well as Lake Shore’s cryogen-free probe stations, including the new, low-cost CRX-6.5K probe station. These easy-to-operate cryogenic platforms enable convenient and versatile testing of semiconductor devices, providing superior results and productivity when compared to traditional methods of testing devices down to cryogenic temperatures.

The exclusive Model 8404 HMS AC field measurement option breaks through the barriers of traditional DC field Hall measurements. It provides improved Hall mobility measurement capabilities, enabling researchers to measure low mobility materials with far greater resolution.

In addition, Brad will talk about the current work Lake Shore is doing to develop materials characterization technology using terahertz (THz) frequency energy. THz is an emerging technology of interest to scientists studying novel electronic and magnetic materials, especially high speed semiconductors and organic electronics.