Advance your test environment with the convenience of a Model CRX-6.5K probe station
Lake Shore Model CRX-6.5K Probe Station

Lake Shore introduces the new Model CRX-6.5K cryogenic probe station, an affordable, general purpose cryogen-free probe station that is both cost effective and convenient to use. The Model CRX-6.5K is ideal for engineers and scientists doing new material research and electronic device development who want to characterize material or test device behavior before undertaking full device development.

With the Model CRX-6.5K, every engineering and test laboratory can now enjoy the same stable, precise temperature control and accurate sample measurement technology that low temperature physicists have had access to for years.

Whether testing photonic and electro-optical materials and devices, organic and molecular electronics, microwave materials and test devices, or nanoscale electronics, quantum devices and novel semiconductors, the Model CRX-6.5 offers reliable, convenient, and non-destructive testing in a stable environment that eliminates unwanted thermal variability.

The Model CRX-6.5K probe station is ideal for any researcher conducting liquid nitrogen-based measurements, or who needs a convenient environment capable of accurately controlling temperatures from under 10 K to 350 K (-263 °C to 77 °C), with an option for up to 675 K (400 °C). Safer, easier, and more precise than using liquid cryogen dunk tanks, the Model CRX-6.5K is also more flexible than optical cryostats and accommodates larger samples. It features safe and convenient cryogen-free operation using a self-contained closed cycle refrigerator (CCR), so no supervision is required during cool down.

The system also offers flexible, expandable probing, with up to six independent probe arms and a variety of probe tip and sample holder options to accommodate a broad range of device types and measurement needs. Special design features such as cooled probe arms with calibrated temperature sensors, give researchers extra confidence in the actual temperatures of their samples. Like all Lake Shore products, the Model CRX-6.5K probe station comes with a standard 3-year warranty.