​Now measure Hall mobilities down to 0.001 cm²/V s with ease
8400 Series Hall effect measurement system (HMS)

Lake Shore Cryotronics, in collaboration with Toyo Corporation of Japan, is pleased to introduce the new 8400 Series Hall effect measurement system (HMS). The 8400 Series HMS with optional AC field measurement capability allows you to measure Hall mobilities down to 0.001 cm2/V s—lower than ever possible using traditional DC field Hall measurement techniques.

Many contemporary semiconductor and electronic materials are being developed for applications including green energy, efficient lighting, flexible inexpensive electronics, and high power devices. This emerging class of photovoltaic (solar cell), thermoelectric and organic electronic materials are characterized by low mobilities that are difficult, if not impossible to measure. In fact, current electronic transport property measurement systems cannot measure many of these materials due to their low charge carrier mobilities and the high temperatures needed to characterize them. Traditionally, the DC field Hall measurement technique has been sufficient to measure materials with mobilities down to approximately 1 cm2/V s. However, it is challenging to extract the diminishingly small Hall voltage from the background noise that is produced by such materials using DC field techniques.

In order to close the gap between traditional DC field measurement techniques and these low mobility materials, Lake Shore and Toyo’s international partnership has resulted in the 8400 Series Hall effect measurement system. The system has an AC field Hall measurement option capable of measuring mobilities down to 0.001 cm2/V s, allowing you to measure low mobility materials with ease.

Upon initial release, the Model 8404 Hall effect measurement system can provide a full range of Hall measurements on van der Pauw samples. The system comes standard equipped with DC field measurement capabilities and a resistance range from 0.5 mΩ to 10 MΩ. An assortment of options including AC field capability, variable temperature assemblies, high resistance, and low resistance are available to broaden your measurement opportunities and simplify experimental processes. The Model 8404 Hall effect measurement system provides a robust platform to which you can add new features as your material measurement needs evolve.

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