Lake Shore Cryotronics introduces the first commercial cryogenic temperature sensor calibrated down to 20 mK
temperature sensor calibrated from 20 mK to 40 K

Lake Shore is pleased to introduce the new Model RX-102B-CB ruthenium oxide (Rox™) resistance cryogenic temperature sensor, the first commercially available temperature sensor calibrated from 20 mK to 40 K. The RX-102B-CB is monotonic from 10 mK to 300 K, and the unique package design maximizes thermal connection and minimizes heat capacity at ultra-low temperatures (ULT). Below 1 K, the sensors are calibrated against PTB-traceable thermometer standards and nuclear orientation thermometry. The calibrations are accurate to ±2.0 mK at 20 mK, ±3.0 mK at 30 mK, ±4.0 mK at 40 mK, and ±5.0 mK from 50 mK to 1 K.

To ensure the highest quality cryogenic measurement and control performance, the new Model RX-102B-CB can be used in combination with the Lake Shore Model 370 AC resistance bridge. Unique patented noise reduction features in the Model 370 allow trouble-free low-noise ULT resistance measurements. The Model 370 can multiplex up to 16 channels and, for precise control of cryogenic temperatures, comes equipped with an independent proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control loop with a maximum heater output of 1 W.

As scientists continue their pursuit of achieving temperatures ever closer to absolute zero, Lake Shore is committed to providing the ULT community with the most reliable tools and services. In support of this, Lake Shore is currently working on providing calibrations down to 10 mK for the new Model RX-102B-CB.