Lake Shore introduces new superconducting magnet power supply
Model 625 superconducting magnet power supply
The Model 625 superconducting magnet power supply offers a linear, rather than a switch-mode output stage to minimize noise and ripple. The Model 625 can deliver up to 60 A at a compliance voltage of 5 V with the supply acting as either a source or a sink (true four-quadrant operation). Two units can be paralleled for 120 A/5 V operation. The Model 625 incorporates a 20-bit D/A converter for internal current settings providing a resolution of 0.1 mA. The settings can be made through the keypad, a computer interface, or external analog input. The internal current ramp offers ramp rates from 0.1 mA/s to 99.999 A/s (compliance limited). The integrated persistent switch heater output is programmable to supply from 10 to 125 mA. Other standard features include IEEE-488 and RS-232 interfaces, analog monitor outputs, and protection during line loss or magnet quench.
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