Achieve high-resolution temperature measurements from 100 mk to 325 K with the new Cernox™ 1010 temperature sensor
The CX-1010 is the newest addition to the Lake Shore line of Cernox™ RTDs. The CX-1010 is the first Cernox designed to operate down to temperatures as low as 100 mK. The typical resistance of the CX-1010 at 100 mK is 20 kW with a sensitivity of –800 kW/K, and a dimensionless sensitivity of –3. These attributes provide for temperature resolution of better than 10 µK when used with the Lake Shore Model 370 AC resistance bridge.
The Cernox™ CX-1010 can be used in applications as a replacement for germanium RTDs. Unlike germanium, all Cernox models have the added advantages of being usable to room temperature and are offered in Lake Shore SD package. The SD package is incredibly robust, and gives researchers more flexibility in sensor mounting. As with germanium RTDs, the CX-1010 is also available in the cylindrical A-can canister package. 
A full paper on the thermal properties of the Cernox™ CX-1010 will be presented at the 2003 Cryogenic Engineering Conference. For more information on the CX-1010, contact:
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