4 K Cryocoolers — SHI 6 K Refrigerator

Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

RDK-408S cryocooler drawing

With a minimum temperature below 6 K, the Sumitomo RDK-408S is primarily noted for its high cooling power and modest cost. A conventional lead regenerator offers a unique combination of power, reliability, and affordability. (Please see our compressors page for more information.)

Standard configuration


  • Larger capacity of 6.5 W at 10 K
  • Orientation independent
  • Push-button operation

Download the RDK-408S typical load map (16 KB).

Cold Head Model RDK-408S Specifications

Refrigeration cycleModified Gifford-McMahon
Refrigeration capacity (vertical position)50 Hz1st stage: 30 W at 45 K; 2nd stage: 5.4 W at 10 K
60 Hz1st stage: 35 W at 45 K; 2nd stage: 6.3 W at 10 K
OrientationAny — capacity loss: maximum 15%
WeightApproximately 15 kg
Dimension180 D × 294 L × 520 H (mm)
Maintenance interval10,000 h
Flexline length6 m
Flexline weight5 kg per line
Compatible compressor unit modelCSA-71A, F-50L, F-50H

Specifications subject to change without notice.