SuperTran/SuperTran-VP options and accessories

(sample in vacuum)
(sample in vapor)
Standard optical sample holder with retainerA9-OSH-ST
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Standard resistivity sample holder with 8 pinsA9-RSH-ST
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Standard blank sample holder with 4 tapped holesA9-BSH-ST
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Additional warm window port and quartz windowA9-ADD-OPT
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1/16 in gas introduction port (installed)A9-GAS-PORTNot available
Window blanks (set of 2)A9-AWB-2
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Stainless steel storage Dewar (36 L capacity)CF-30
Stainless steel storage Dewar (70 L capacity)CF-60
Stainless steel storage Dewar (110 L capacity)CF-100
Substitute 8 ft flexible transfer line for standard 6 ft lineA9-ST-LN-8
Substitute 5 ft storage dewar leg for standard 4 ft legA9-ST-LEG-5
8-pin electrical feedthrough with mating connector, flange-mountedA9-8P-ASSY
10-pin electrical feedthrough with mating connector, flange-mountedA9-10P-ASSY
19-pin electrical feedthrough with mating connector, flange-mountedA9-19P-ASSY
BNC electrical feedthrough (single), flange-mountedA9-BNC-1
BNC electrical feedthrough (double), flange-mountedA9-BNC-2
Double miniature coaxial feedthrough (SMA), flange-mountedA9-SMA-2
Thermocouple feedthrough, flange-mountedA9-TC-1
Triaxial electrical feedthrough, flange-mountedA9-TRIAX
Special order optical windowsContact us
Temperature controllers and sensorsContact us
Isothermal sample zoneNot availableContact us

SuperTran sample holders and transfer line

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