Options and accessories

Liquid helium reservoir cryostats

Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

 SuperVariTemp SVT
(sample in flowing vapor)
VariTemp VT
(sample in exchange gas)
1.25 in diameter optical sample holder with retainerA9-OSH-ST
1.25 in diameter resistivity sample holder with eight (8) pinsA9-RSH-ST
1.25 in diameter blank sample holder with four (4) tapped holesA9-BSH-ST
Other size sample holdersConsult Lake Shore
Stainless steel storage Dewar (36 L capacity)CF-30
Stainless steel storage Dewar (70 L capacity)CF-60
Stainless steel storage Dewar (110 L capacity)CF-100
Standard 5 ft helium transfer lineA8-FHT
8-pin electrical feedthrough with mating connector, flange-mountedA9-8P-ASSY
10-pin electrical feedthrough with mating connector, flange-mountedA9-10P-ASSY
19-pin electrical feedthrough with mating connector, flange-mountedA9-19P-ASSY
BNC electrical feedthrough (single), flange-mountedA9-BNC-1
BNC electrical feedthrough (double), flange-mountedA9-BNC-2
Double miniature coaxial feedthrough (SMA), flange-mountedA9-SMA-2
Thermocouple feedthrough, flange-mountedA9-TC-1
Triax electrical feedthrough, flange-mountedA9-TRIAX
Window blanks (set of 2)Consult Lake Shore
Special order optical windowsConsult Lake Shore
Temperature controllers and sensorsConsult Lake Shore
Bottom-looking optical accessConsult Lake ShoreNot Available
Indium sealed, strain relief mounted cold windowsConsult Lake ShoreNot Available
Cooled radiation shield windowsConsult Lake ShoreNot Available
Liquid helium level sensor and displayConsult Lake ShoreNot Available
Liquid nitrogen autofill systemConsult Lake ShoreNot Available
Spare sample positioner assemblyConsult Lake ShoreNot Available
Helium gas collection adaptorsConsult Lake ShoreNot Available
Isothermal sample zoneConsult Lake ShoreNot Available

SuperTran SuperTran-VP Standard Sample Holders FHT-ST Transfer Line