CNDT LHe research Dewars with detachable bottom flanges

Designed with SuperVariTemp inserts or immersion inserts in mind, these Dewars have demountable bottom flanges allowing easy installation of the desired tail set. They have a completely enclosed liquid nitrogen reservoir for increased cryogen efficiency and are available in sizes ranging from those suitable for small variable temperature inserts up to those accommodating large diameter superconducting magnets.

Standard configuration


8CNDT LHe Research Dewar

These Dewars have detachable bottom flanges, such that various tail designs can be attached to the same Dewar body. The Janis SuperVariTemp, VariTemp, or simple immersion tails are usually supplied with this series. Optical or non-optical experiments at low temperatures can be performed with these Dewars.

ModelLABCNominal helium capacityNominal nitrogen capacity
8CNDT18581.753 L3 L
8CNDT24581.755 L4.5 L
8CNDT30581.757 L6 L


10CNDT LHe Research Dewar

ModelLNominal helium capacityNominal nitrogen capacity
10CNDT246 L7 L
10CNDT309 L9 5 L

Other configurations

These larger CNDT Dewars are designed for experiments requiring greater cryogen capacities or dimensional access. They are often used to accommodate superconducting magnets. UHV or NMR designs are also available.

CNDT larger LHe research dewars

ModelABNominal helium capacityNominal nitrogen capacity
12CNDT91220 L11 L
14CNDT101426 L14 L
15CNDT111531 L18 L
16CNDT121637 L22 L
17CNDT131743 L26 L


Special Model 16CNDT ultra-high stability variable temperature cryostat

This photo shows a special model 16CNDT ultra-high stability variable temperature cryostat offering variable temperatures between 5 K and 325 K, with controllable stable temperatures that maintain a better than 1 mK stability over a 10 min period. The sample may be located either in vacuum or in a cold gas environment (top loading) depending on the application. It is also available with a high field (6 to 17 T) superconducting magnet, with or without optical access to the sample. Contact Janis today for more information.Ultra High Stability Variable Temperature Cryostat

Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

8CNDT research dewar