4 K Cryocoolers — SHI 0.4 W Compressor Unit

The Sumitomo CNA-31 compressor is compatible with the 0.4 W cold head system (Model RDK-305D). It is equipped with casters for ease of transport.

Standard configuration

CNA-31C mechanical drawing


Input power cable5 m
Flexible gas line10 m supply and return
Cold head cable10 m

Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

CNA-31 helium compressor

Compressor Unit Model CNA-31C Specifications

Abient operating temperature5 to 28 °C; 28 to 35 °C (with cooling capacity loss max. 5%)
Electrical powerCNA-31CCNA-31D
AC 200 V (±10%), 3-phaseAC 380 to 415 V (±10%), 3-phase/50 Hz
AC 460 to 480 V (±10%), 3-phase/60 Hz
Power requirementMinimumRecommended
6.5 kVA8.5 kVA
Electrical power consumption (approximate)SteadyMaximum
50 Hz     3.8 kW4.6 kW
60 Hz     4.5 kW5.4 kW
Site conditionIndoor
WeightApproximately 100 kg
Dimension520 D × 520 L × 901 H* (mm) *includes the casters and fan cover
Maintenance partsAdsorber (every 30,000 h); fuse(s) (as required)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.