10 K cryocoolers — Edwards M-22 10 K refrigerator (1 W at 20 K)

The Model 22 Edwards refrigerator system is a closed-cycle helium refrigeration system based on the Gifford-McMahon thermodynamic cycle. It is available in both single and 2-stage configurations to suit a variety of applications that require a compact cryocooler. The Edwards system consists of a refrigerator assembly, compressor assembly, and a customized installation kit consisting of flexible interconnecting gas lines and refrigerator cable ranging from the standard 10 ft separation length up to 300 ft lengths. please see the compressor page for more information.

Standard configuration

The single-stage M-22 is designed to provide up to 11 W of heat lift at 77 K for cooling of high-temperature superconductors, detectors, and optical devices.

The two-stage M-22 is designed to provide useable heat lift under 10 K and up to 1 W at 20 K and 8 W at 77 K simultaneously. Applications include spectroscopy, low-temperature thermometry, amplifier cooling, and LASER frequency tuning. Download the Model 22 Refrigeration System Datasheet.


  • Refrigeration capacity 1 W at 20 K
  • Orientation independent
  • Push-button operation


Lake Shore — environment by JANIS


M-22 specifications

Refrigeration cycleModified Gifford-McMahon
Heat lift (vertical position)Single-stage11 W at 77 K
2-stage1st stage: 1 W at 20 K; 2nd stage: 8 W at 77 K
WeightApproximately 6.5 kg
Dimension231 L × 152 W × 286 H (mm)
No-load cooldown time (to 20 K)25 min at 60 Hz power; 30 min at 50 Hz power
Flexline length10 ft
Flexline weight~4.5 lb per line
Compatible compressor unit model8200

Specifications subject to change without notice.