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2Dex™ Plug-and-Play Specifications

2Dex plug-and-play overview


 SensorDescriptionActive area
2X-2502Dex™ 2X-2502Dex™ standard sensor0.1 mm2

Note: 2X-251 sensors have not been made available as plug-and-play sensors, as the calibration process nullifies the benefit afforded by 2X-251 sensors. Calibrated 2X-251 sensors would provide no benefit to accuracy compared to the more affordable 2X-250 sensors offered here.

Magnetic field performance

Performance specifications of plug-and-play sensors match that of a Hall probe and teslameter—see teslameter specifications for measurement performance details.

Temperature compensation

 Included thermistorCompensation range
2X-250-FAYes—epoxied to the back of the sensor0 °C to 90 °C (273 K to 363 K)
2X-250-FTYes—thermistor separate from Hall sensor0 °C to 90 °C (273 K to 363 K)
2X-250-AI (coming soon)Yes—embedded inside sensor0 °C to 90 °C (273 K to 363 K)
2X-250-3D (coming soon)Yes—embedded inside sensor0 °C to 90 °C (273 K to 363 K)

Temperature range

 Minimum temperatureMaximum temperature
FA Flat axial0 °C (273 K)90 °C (363 K)
FT Flat transverse0 °C (273 K)90 °C (363 K)
AI Axial insert (coming soon)0 °C (273 K)90 °C (363 K)
3D 3-axis (coming soon)0 °C (273 K)90 °C (363 K)

For cryogenic versions of the FA and FT packages, please contact Lake Shore Sales to request a customized solution.

Vacuum compatibility

FA, FT, AI, 3DHigh vacuum (down to 10-4 Pa)

Inline connector

Insulation: Nylon 46 (290 °C maximum temperature)
Socket internal contacts: Gold over nickel* coated beryllium-copper
Pins: Brass alloy 360 (RoHS compliant)
Configuration: 8-pin (2 rows × 4 pins)
Solder: SAC305 lead-free solder

*Due to nickel content, these connectors should be kept away from sensitive magnetic field measurements and large magnetic fields


Single-axis sensors: TX connector only
3-axis sensors: Both TX and YZ connectors

Thermistor and x, y, and z sensor to connector pinout

Hall sensor

DesignatorSignalSensor wire colorCable wire color (single/X axis)Cable wire color (Y axis)Cable wire color (Z axis)
2I-Clear (copper)White (from orange pair)White (from green pair)White (from violet pair)
4V-GreenWhite (from red pair)White (from yellow pair)White (from blue pair)


DesignatorSignalSensor wire colorCable wire color
2T-/I-GreenWhite (from brown pair)
4V-White (from black pair)

Note: The thermistor (T) leads are in a 2-lead configuration up to the point of the sensor connector (designated with T+ and T-, though these leads are not polarized and may be switched). If connector removal is desired for direct attach to user equipment, protect the thermistor calibration by ensuring the length of 2-lead wire is not altered. Trimming or adding to the amount of wire in a 2-lead configuration will cause a shift in temperature readings.

Teslameter cable

Diameter4 mm (0.17 in)5.2 mm (0.21 in)
Bend radius40 mm (1.57 in)52 mm (2.05 in)
Operating temperature range-40 °C to 80 °C
Conductors4 twisted-pair8 twisted-pair
Cable shield100%-coverage foil
Cable insulationModified polyphenylene ether
Connector26-pin Mini-D with quick-release latch

Optional extension leads

Note: Two extension leads are required to extend 3-axis sensors (one for the X-axis sensor and thermistor connections, and another for the Y- and Z-axis sensors)

PurposeStandard extensions Blocking heat leak in cryogenic conditions
Wire configurationFour (4) twisted pairs Four (4) twisted pairs 
Wire material34 AWG copper with poly-nylon insulation 32 AWG phosphor-bronze with polyimide insulation 
Length75 cm (30 in) 75 cm (30 in) 
Maximum temperature130 °C (poly-nylon insulation) 220 °C (SAC305 solder) 

Connectors: Mate with sensor leads and teslameter cable assemblies (see inline connector specifications for details)

FA package specifications

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2Dex FA active area FT package specifications

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2Dex FT active area AI package specifications

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2Dex AI active areas 3D package specifications

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