2Dex™ Hall Sensor Specifications

Specifications are preliminary and may change prior to full release of the product

Electrical performance

Drive current

Nominal: 1 mA

Maximum for accurate measurements: 5 mA*

Maximum to avoid possible sensor damage: 10 mA*
*This value may vary depending on the thermal environment around the sensor and the temperature compensation approach.

Hall voltage

Sensitivity (Hall voltage vs field value)2X-250 standard performance2X-251 high performance
Nominal sensitivity (S) at 1 mA drive current51.5 ± 1 mV/T51.5 ± 0.5 mV/T
Drive current normalized sensitivity (SA)51.5 ± 1 V/T/A51.5 ± 0.5 V/T/A
Temperature coefficient of sensitivity (-20 to 80 °C)0.03%/°C0.03%/°C
Maximum linearity error (to 1 T)±0.75%±0.25%
Maximum linearity error (to 3 T)±1%±0.5%

Offset voltage (output voltage at zero field)2X-250 standard performance2X-251 high performance
Zero field offset at 1 mA drive current±100 μV±25 μV
Drive current normalized zero field offset ±100 mV/A±25 mV/A
Effective zero field offset ±2 mT (20 G)±0.5 mT (5 G)


Sensor resistance at 23 °C: 800 ± 100 Ω

Typical temperature coefficient of resistance: 1.1%/°C



 Minimum temperatureMaximum temperature
2X-250-FA Flat axial (coming soon)-272 °C (1 K)125 °C (402 K)
2X-250-FT Flat transverse (coming soon)-272 °C (1 K)125 °C (402 K)
2X-250-AI Axial insert (coming soon)-196 °C (77 K)125 °C (402 K)
2X-250-3D 3-axis (coming soon)0 °C (273 K)100 °C (373 K)
2X-250-SH Extreme environment (coming soon)-272 °C (1 K)200 °C (473 K)


FA, FT, AI, 3DHigh vacuum (down to 10-4 Pa)
SHUltra-high vacuum (down to 10-10 Pa)

2Dex™ example circuit (click to expand)

2Dex™ example circuit


FA package specifications

FA active area (click to expand)

2Dex FA active area

FT package specifications

FT active area (click to expand)

2Dex FT active area

AI package specifications

AI active area (click to expand)

2Dex AI active areas

3D package specifications

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2Dex 3D active areas


Sensor wire colorSignal
Clear (copper)V-