Liquid helium (ST & STVP) and liquid nitrogen (ST)

Basic system specifications — continuous flow cryostats

SpecificationSuperTran (sample in vacuum)SuperTranVP (sample in vapor)
Temperature range<2 to 325 K (ST series: 100 to 400)
(500 K, >700 K optional)
1.5 to 325 K
(consult us for other temperatures)
Initial cooldown time15 min
(ST Series: 100 to 400)
25 min
15 min
(STVP Series: 100 to 300)
30 min
Nominal temperature stability (with controller)50 mK or less50 mK or less
OrientationAny positionVertical for <4.5 K
System weight (without transfer line)10 lb (4.6 kg)15 lb (6.8 kg)
Cryogen consumption on cooldown0.4 L LHe (325 to 4.2 K)
0.1 L LN2 (325 to 77 K)
0.5 L LHe (325 to 4.2 K)
Nominal cryogen consumption rate0.6 L/h LHe (5 K)
(ST-100, ST-100-FTIR, ST-200, ST-300, ST-300S, ST-400-1, ST-400-2)
0.6 L/h LHe (5 K) (ST-300T)
0.9 L/h LHe (5 K) (ST-400-3)
1.1 L/h LHe (5 K) (ST-500)
2.2 L/h LHe (5 K) (ST-500-UC)
1.1 L/h LHe (5 K) (ST-500-attocube)
1.1 L/h LHe (5 K) (ST-500-LGV)
0.1 L/h LN2 (100 K)
1.3 L/h LHe (5 K)
(STVP-100 [1,2,3], STVP-200 [1,2,3])
1.4 L/h LHe (5 K)
NOTE: Specifications do not include optical or experimental heat loads and assume vertical orientation.
NOTE: Consult us for high temperature or LN2 operations for SuperTran-VP.

ST-100-FTIR specifications

Sample environmentVacuum
Temperature range~2.5 to 325 K (higher temperatures optional)
Initial cooldown time15 min to 10 K
Temperature stability (with controller)50 mK or less
OrientationAny position
System weight (without transfer line)Approximately 10 lb
Cryogen consumption (cooldown)0.4 L LHe from 325 to 4.2 K
Cryogen consumption (operation)0.6 L/h at 5 K with LHe
Note: Specifications do not include parasitic or experimental heat loads.
Specifications may change depending on the length of the transfer line flexible section.

Typical cryogen consumption of optical SuperTran cryostats

SuperTran SuperTran-VP Liquid Helium consumption rate