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The Model 460 has been discontinued. Please consider the F71 as an alternative.

Model 460 Specifications

General Measurement

Number of inputs: 3

Update rate: Up to 4 rdg/s on display; up to 18 rdg/s with IEEE-488 interface

Measurement modes: DC, RMS, peak

Probe compatibility: Standard, multi-axis, and custom probes

Probe features: Linearity Correction, Temperature Correction, Auto Probe Zero

Measurement features: Autorange, Max Hold, Relative Mode, Filter, Vector Magnitude, Differential Reading

Probe connector: 15-pin D style

DC measurement

Probe type ranges 5¾-digits with filter 4¾-digits without filter
HST probe
300 kG 0.001 kG 0.01 kG
30 kG0.0001 kG 0.001 kG
3 kG0.00001 kG 0.0001 kG
300 G0.001 G 0.01 G
HSE probe
30 kG0.0001 kG 0.001 kG
3 kG0.00001 kG 0.0001 kG
300 G0.001 G 0.01 G
30 G0.0001 G 0.001 G
UHS probe (discontinued)
30 G0.0001 G 0.001 G
3 G0.00001 G 0.0001 G
300 mG0.001 mG 0.01 mG

DC accuracy: ±0.10% of reading ±0.005% of range

DC temperature coefficient: ±0.05% of reading ±0.003% of range per ºC

AC RMS & peak measurement

AC display resolution: 4¾ digits

Probe type rangesRMS resolution Peak resolution
HST probe
300 kG 0.01 kG 0.01 kG
30 kG0.001 kG 0.001 kG
3 kG0.0001 kG 0.0001 kG
300 G0.01 G ×
HSE probe
30 kG0.001 kG 0.001 kG
3 kG0.0001 kG 0.0001 kG
300 G0.01 G 0.01 G
30 G0.001 G ×
UHS probe (discontinued)
30 G0.001 G 0.001 G
3 G0.0001 G 0.0001 G
300 mG0.01 mG ×

AC frequency range: 10 Hz to 400 Hz

AC RMS accuracy: ±2% of reading (50 Hz to 60 Hz)

AC RMS frequency response: 0 to -3.5% of reading (10 Hz to 400 Hz)
(All AC RMS specifications for sinusoidal input >1% of range)

AC peak accuracy: ±5% typical

AC peak speed: 5 ms for single peak

Front panel

Display type: 4-line × 20-character, vacuum fluorescent

Display resolution: Up to ±5¾ digits

Display update rate: 4 rdg/s with vector off, 3 rdg/s with vector on

Display units: Gauss (G), Telsa (T)

Units multipliers: µ, m k

Annunciators: RMS: AC input signal, DC: DC input signal, MAX: Max Hold value, s: Relative reading, R: Remote operation, ?:Alarm on

Keypad: 25 full travel keys

Front panel features: Intuitive operation, display prompts, front panel lockout, brightness control


RS-232C capabilities

Baud: 300, 1200, 9600

Connector: RJ-11 configuration

Update rate: Up to 14 rdg/s at 9600 baud

IEEE-488 capabilities

Complies with IEEE-488.2 SH1, AH1, SR1, RL1, PP0, DC1, DT0, C0, E1

Update rate: 18 rdg/s with vector off, 14 rdg/s with vector on


Settings: High and low setpoint, Inside/Outside, Audible

Actuators: Display annunciator, beeper

Monitor analog output (3)

Configuration: Real time analog voltage output

Scale: ±3 V = ±FS on selected range

Frequency response: DC to 400 Hz

Accuracy: Probe dependent

Minimum load resistance: 1 kΩ (short circuit protected)

Connector: BNC

Corrected analog output (1)

Configuration: Voltage output generated by DAC

Range: ±3 V; ±10 V for the Model 460-10

Scale: User-defined

Resolution: 0.366 mV of ±3 V

Update rate: Same as field measurement

Accuracy: ±0.1% full scale in addition to measurement error

Minimum load resistance: 1 kΩ (short circuit protected)

Connector: BNC


Ambient temperature: 15 to 35 ºC at rated accuracy. 5 to 40 ºC with reduced accuracy

Power requirement: 100, 120, 220, 240 VAC (+5%, -10%), 50 or 60 Hz, 40 VA

Size: 432 mm W × 89 mm H × 368 mm D (17 in × 3.5 in × 14.5 in), full rack

Weight: 7.5 kg (16.5 lb)