SuperTran-VP Continuous Flow Cryostat Systems

Standard configuration includes

  • Optical vacuum shroud
  • Optical radiation shield
  • Four (4) quartz window sets
  • Optical sample holder
  • Temperature sensor
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Sample positioner with one (1) 10-pin and one (1) 8-pin electrical feedthrough
  • 6 ft superinsulated cryogen transfer line
  • Control heater
  • System test 
Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

STVP-100 Optical Cryostat

Optical continuous flow cryostats with three standard sizes available, although, as with all Janis systems, these systems can be customized to suit your experiment. Systems with a 1.5 in sample space are in stock for fast delivery.

STVP-100-FTIR Cryostat Systems

Optical continuous flow cryostats for FTIR applications. These cryostats are similar to our standard Model STVP-100 cryostats, but with the modifications for integrating the cryostat with your spectrometer system.

STVP-200 Non-optical Cryostat Systems

Continuous flow cryostats with tubular tails for non-optical experiments, with a range of sizes available.

STVP-200-NMR Non-optical Cryostat Systems

Similar to the standard STVP-200 tubular system, but custom-designed for NMR spectroscopy.

Compact systems

Contact Janis for systems for non-optical experiments with limited space.