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SuperTran-VP continuous flow cryostats


Standard configuration includes

  • Optical vacuum shroud
  • Optical radiation shield
  • Four quartz window sets
  • Optical sample holder
  • Calibrated temperature sensor
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Sample positioner with one 10-pin and one 8-pin electrical feedthrough
  • 6 ft superinsulated cryogen transfer line
  • Control heater
  • System test
Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

STVP-100 optical cryostat

Optical continuous flow cryostats are available in three standard sizes. As with all of our systems, however, these cryostats can also be customized to suit your experiment.

STVP-100-FTIR cryostat systems

Optical continuous flow cryostats for FTIR applications. These cryostats are similar to the standard STVP-100 cryostats, but with modifications for integrating the cryostat with your spectrometer system.

STVP-200 non-optical cryostat systems

Continuous flow cryostats with tubular tails for non-optical experiments, with a range of sizes available.

STVP-200-NMR non-optical cryostat systems

Similar to the standard STVP-200 tubular system but custom-designed for NMR spectroscopy.

Compact systems

Contact us for systems for non-optical experiments with limited space.