4 K CCR cryostats


4 K CCR cryostat features

  • 4 K to 325 K (options for 500 K and 800 K)
  • Low-vibration 40 nm option
  • A turnkey alternative to liquid helium

Popular models

Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

Optimized for ease of use and versatility, the Lake Shore 4 K CCR Series cryostats provide uniform cooling of powders, liquids, and irregularly shaped solid samples down to 4 K. Heaters and sensors on both the copper sample chamber and sample mount are used with a dual-loop temperature controller for rapid and precise sample temperature control.


Cooling typeCryogen-free
Minimum temperature4 K
Maximum temperature800 K
VibrationLow-vibration 40 nm option
Cryocooler power options0.2 W, 0.7 W, 1 W, 1.2 W, 1.5 W, 2.0 W at 4.2 K
4 K CCR part numberOpticalSizeApplication-specificUHVVibrationMaximum temperatureCold head locationSample environmentCooldown time (min)Sample change
SHI-4-Z    325 KAnyVacuum60 to 90 
SHI-4T-Z     325 KAnyVacuum60 to 90 
SHI-4S-ZSub-compact   325 KAnyVacuum90 to 150 
SHI-4ST-Z Sub-compact   325 KAnyVacuum90 to 150 
SHI-4R-ZCompactRotatable  325 KAnyVacuum60 to 90 
SHI-4H-Z    500 KAnyVacuum90 to 150 
SHI-4HH-Z    800 KAnyVacuum120 
SHI-850-ZApp-specificMössbauer  325 KBottomExchange gas90 to 120<10 min
SHI-950-Z    325 KTopExchange gas>3.5 h<10 min
SHI-950T-Z     325 KTopExchange gas>3.5 h<10 min
SHI-4XG-Z   40 nm325 KTopVacuum>2 h 
SHI-4XG-S-ZSub-compact  40 nm325 KTopVacuum>2 h 
SHI-4XG-ST-Z Sub-compact  40 nm325 KTopVacuum>2 h 
SHI-4XG-M-ZApp-specificMicroscopy 40 nm325 KTopVacuum>2 h 
SHI-4XG-UHV-ZN/AN/A 40 nm325 KTopVacuum>2 h