1.5 K continuous CCR cryostats

1.5 K continuous CCR cryostat features

  • 1.5 K to 325 K
  • <10 min sample change time
  • A turnkey alternative to liquid helium

Popular model

  • SHI-950-LT
Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

Lake Shore SHI-950 Series cryostats provide cryogen-free cooling from 1.5 K to 325 K in a configuration optimized for optical and electrical measurements. Thermal exchange gas cooling is especially useful for liquid, powder, and irregularly shaped samples that are not easily mounted to the flat surface of a sample holder. Samples can be exchanged without warming the cryocooler to room temperature, reducing turnaround time.

Continuous operation to 1.5 K is achieved through the use of a recirculating helium gas loop. Helium gas is cooled through a series of heat exchangers and then cools the sample chamber. The helium gas then exits the cryostat and repeats the cooling cycle.

The SHI-950-LT offers rapid sample exchange. The sample is inserted, via a long rod, into a nearly isothermal region of the gas column for cooling. Sample exchange by simply removing the sample rod, switching samples on the rod, and reinserting the rod into the cryostat. The entire sequence takes ~80 min and is performed while the cryostat is operating.

Neutron scattering configuration

The SHI-950-LT can be configured for neutron scattering. Modular tails can easily be exchanged for different experimental requirements.


1.5 K CCR part numberOpticalMaximum temperatureCold head locationSample environmentCooldown time (min)Sample change
SHI-950-LT800 KTopExchange gas>9 h<10 min
SHI-950T-LT 800 KTopExchange gas>9 h<10 min

Cooling typeCryogen-free
Minimum temperature1.5 K
Maximum temperature800 K
Cryocooler power options1 W at 4.2 K