New infrared long-pass filters with cut-on wavelengths from 4 µm to 200 µm

cut-on wavelengths from 4 µm to 100 µmLake Shore Cryotronics’ new line of mid- and far-infrared long-pass filters is based on porous silicon technology. The unique patent pending all-silicon design has excellent thermal and mechanical properties — even at cryogenic and elevated temperatures, and will not de-laminate under harsh conditions. Lake Shore infrared filters have a wide and flat spectral response to 200 µm and above with cut-on wavelengths from 4 µm to 100 µm. Diameters from 0.5 to 4 inches are available. Long-pass IR filters block short wavelength radiation to improve signal-to-noise in mid- and far-IR applications, including FTIR spectroscopy, astronomy, and IR detector research. Standard and custom designs are available.

Lake Shore’s silicon infrared filter research has been supported in part by the following NASA SBIR Grants:

  • NNC04CA21C: Omnidirectional narrow band pass, band pass, and band blocking IR filters
  • NNL06AA10C: Mesoporous silicon far infrared filters
For more information on the new Lake Shore IR long-pass filters, contact:
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