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Song Guo

Senior Sales Engineer

It is exciting to assist and advise our clients in choosing the most appropriate cryostat systems that suit their research need.  It is also very rewarding to see our clients use our products to conduct advanced research and publish their results that will advance science and innovation.
Song Guo

Dr. Song Guo received his BSc in Physics from Beijing Normal University in 1992 and his PhD in Physics from Louisiana State University in 2006. His research areas were mainly in experimental studies of low temperature properties of quantum compounds and non-conventional superconductors, publishing several papers in Physical Review B and Physical Review Letters. He gained hands-on experience in low temperature lab work during his PhD studies, including dilution refrigerator and superconducting magnet operation.

In 2006, Dr. Guo joined Janis Research Company as a Sales/Application Engineer. Currently, as a Senior Sales Engineer with Lake Shore Cryotronics, he advises and assists customers in specifying and ordering Janis products for scientific and industrial applications. In this role, he performs technical analysis of customer applications and requirements, issues quotes, provides site preparation and equipment installation guidance, and manages post-sales technical and experimental support for end users. He is keen on selling state-of-the-art quality cryostat systems to researchers around the world to aid in enabling scientific progress.