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Repair Price

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Part number Description Price
REPAIR-100 Repair of Model 100 current source $309
REPAIR-101 Repair of Model 101 current source $309
REPAIR-102 Repair of Model 102 current source $309
REPAIR-110 Repair of Model 110 current source $309
REPAIR-120 Repair of Model 120 current source $309
REPAIR-121 Repair of Model 121 current source $309
REPAIR-211 Repair of Model 211 temperature monitor $309
REPAIR-218 Repair of Model 218 temperature monitor $515
REPAIR-224 Repair of Model 224 monitor $773
REPAIR-231 Repair of Model 231 transmitter card $309
REPAIR-234 Repair of Model 234 transmitter card $309
REPAIR-321 Repair of Model 321 temperature controller $618
REPAIR-325 Repair of Model 325 temperature controller $515
REPAIR-330 Repair of Model 330 temperature controller $618
REPAIR-331 Repair of Model 331 temperature controller $618
REPAIR-332 Repair of Model 332 temperature controller $773
REPAIR-335 Repair of Model 335 temperature controller $618
REPAIR-336 Repair of Model 336 temperature controller $773
REPAIR-340 Repair of Model 340 temperature controller $1,030
REPAIR-350 Repair of Model 350 temperature controller $1,030
REPAIR-370 Repair of Model 370 AC resistance bridge $1,030
REPAIR-372 Repair of Model 372 AC resistance bridge $1,030
REPAIR-3716/L Repair of 3716/3716L scanner $773
REPAIR-3726 Repair of 3726 scanner $773
REPAIR-3708 Repair of 3708 scanner $773
REPAIR-3060 Repair of 3060 option card $412
REPAIR-3061 Repair of 3061 option card $515
REPAIR-3062 Repair of 3062 option card $515
REPAIR-3462 Repair of 3462 option card $412
REPAIR-3464 Repair of 3464 option card $412
REPAIR-3465 Repair of 3465 option card $412
REPAIR-3468 Repair of 3468 option card $515
REPAIR-410 Repair of Model 410 gaussmeter $309
REPAIR-421 Repair of Model 421 gaussmeter $670
REPAIR-425 Repair of Model 425 gaussmeter $515
REPAIR-450 Repair of Model 450 gaussmeter $773
REPAIR-455 Repair of Model 455 gaussmeter $618
REPAIR-460 Repair of Model 460 gaussmeter $1,442
REPAIR-475 Repair of Model 475 gaussmeter $618
REPAIR-480 Repair of Model 480 fluxmeter $773
REPAIR-735 Repair of Model 735 VSM controller $1,545
REPAIR-736 Repair of Model 736 VSM controller $1,545
REPAIR-625 Repair of Model 625 superconducting magnet power supply $1,545
REPAIR-642 Repair of Model 642 magnet power supply $2,575
REPAIR-643 Repair of Model 643 magnet power supply $2,575
REPAIR-648 Repair of Model 648 magnet power supply $3,605
REPAIR-647 Repair of Model 647 magnet power supply $2,060
REPAIR-CX Repair of Cernox sensor Variable
REPAIR-DT Repair of silicon diode sensor Variable
REPAIR-GR Repair of germaninum sensor Variable
REPAIR-PT Repair of platinum sensor Variable
REPAIR-TG Repair of GaAlAs sensor Variable
REPAIR-HMS Repair of Hall measurement system Variable
REPAIR-VSM Repair of vibrating sample measurement system Variable
REPAIR-PS Repair of probe station Variable
REPAIR-1X Reapir of Hall sensor Variable
REPAIR-1X1 Repair of Model 410 probe Variable
REPAIR-1X5 Repair of single-axis probe for Model 420/421/450/460 gaussmeter Variable
REPAIR-1X7 Repair of single-axis probe for Model 425/455/475 gaussmeter Variable
REPAIR-3X6 Repair of 3-axis probe for Model 460 gaussmeter Variable
REPAIR-G5 Repair of gamma probe for Model 420/421/450/460 gaussmeter Variable
REPAIR-G7 Repair of gamma probe for Model 425/455/475 gaussmeter Variable
REPAIR-FP Repair of fluxmeter probe for Model 480 fluxmeter Variable
REPAIR-MISC Repair of miscellaneous equipment Variable
REPAIR-PMC-PROBE Repair of PMC MicroMag™ p-type probe $567
REPAIR-PMC-ZPROBE Repair of PMC MicroMag™ z-type probe $979
REPAIR-PMC-AGM Repair of PMC MicroMag™ AGM part Variable
REPAIR-PMC-VSM Repair of PMC MicroMag™ VSM part Variable
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